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The  SimplerPsychsm Team has over 40 years of mental health and substance abuse treatment experience. Our team can provide counseling, therapy, family therapy, substance abuse and recovery coaching, and psychiatric services.


Outpatient Therapy

SimplerPsychsm provides comprehensive therapeutic and mental health services. Our scope of services include a complete biopsychosocial assessment; individualized Treatment Planning utilizing the Five Axis of the American Psychiatric Association; group and individual therapy, and peer group support.  Additionally, Psychosocial Education is provided to individuals referred to develop independent living skills, medication management, work readiness assessment and job training/support when necessary.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

SimplerPsychsm specializes in substance abuse treatment for adults and children, addressing underlying issues including family, trauma, abuse, etc. Outpatient group and individual therapeutic intervention is provided, after a comprehensive intake, treatment plan development, and three sessions in a Triage group. In the Triage group clients are provided with psychoeducation on substance abuse and dependence, reframing and restructuring skills, and information to acclimate them to the therapeutic process.  All treatment plans are individualized to provide the best possible outcomes for recovery.

Children's Services

SimplerPsychsm offers individual, family, and group/peer therapy for children ages 17 and under. Children receive specialized treatment designed to meet the child’s specific needs from master’s level clinicians. Our compassionate therapists are equipped to provide healing care addressing the following issues or experiences children may be struggling to overcome (not limited to):

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • family conflict

  • anger

  • trauma

  • abuse

  • behavioral issues

  • self-esteem

  • substance abuse