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The first question most of our customers ask is "how does this work". Telehealth doesn't have to be hard, confusing, or expensive. As our name implies, we make Psych, simpler. We created this infographic to show how Simpler Psych works. Take a moment to review it and give us at 18886430063  or click the chat button to get started!

Simpler Psych Pricing- $76 per month

SimplerPricing removes one more barrier to service. 


Ease of Use
Quality of Care
Security & Confidentiality

Suffer from Anxiety, Depression, or Addiction? We can help.


At SimplerPsychsm, we believe mental health and addiction services should be compassionate, easy to access and confidential.

Our team has served Central Florida for over 40 years. Our clients had to commute from rural areas, spend a long time waiting for services, and fill out stacks of paperwork. There had to be a better way. SimplerPsychsm represents our pledge to remove every barrier to care for the client. We are ready to start treatment today.

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Telehealth isn't a new idea. The earliest trials were in the 1930s. In the last decade telehealth services have revolutionized healthcare around the world. Unfortunately, mental health and substance abuse lags behind the rest of the industry. Most TelePsych Services are provided from business to business.

SimplerPsychsm is bringing cutting edge technology and world class providers together to provide direct services to you. Our secure platform works on any modern web browser, smart phone or a tablet.

You don't need to wait in line, drive across town, fill out a stack of paper work. Connect today and experience SimplerPsych.

Your care, anywhere.

Our focus is on outpatient therapy, outpatient substance abuse treatment and outpatient psychiatry.

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